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Schools Without Failure

Schools Without Failure

  • Author : William Glasser, M.D.
  • Pub. Date : January 1969
  • Format : Soft Back
  • Pages : 235
  • Price : $20

This book details the shortcomings of current education and proposes a new program to reduce school failure – a program based on increased involvement, relevance and thinking.


“Much has been written on the difficulties of improving education in the central city. From personal experience, I believe that most people who write about these schools have not raised the critical issue. They have been so obsessed with the social, environmental, and cultural factors affecting students that they have not looked deeply enough into the role of education itself has played in causing students to fail, not only in the central city but in all schools. It is the faults and shortcomings of the system itself that I wish to examine, and make suggestions to correct. — William Glasser, M.D.

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