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My Quality World Workbook

My Quality World Workbook

  • Author : Carleen Glasser, M.A.
  • Pub. Date : January 2017
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pages : 37
  • Price : $16

This workbook teaches decision-making skills to children at the 3rd through 5th grade levels. Children will learn to evaluate their own behavior and make plans to take more effective control of their lives.


“Dear Boys and Girls, The ideas in this workbook are based on the work of Dr. William Glasser. Dr. Glasser is a very good man. He has helped people all over the world. His way of helping people is easy enough for children to learn. He teaches them how to take better control of their own lives by making choices that help them. In this workbook you will learn a special way t solve problems and get what you need. One idea for doing this came from the work of another nice man. His name is Dr. Robert Wubbolding. Let’s call him “Dr. Bob”. Dr. Bob writes books and teaches grown-ups how to use his formula. It is called “Radio Station WDEP.” You will use his idea in this book to solve your problems and to help you get what you need.” — Carleen Glasser, M.A.,

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