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For Parents & Teenagers-Dissolving the Barrier…

For Parents & Teenagers-Dissolving the Barrier…

  • Author : William Glasser, M.D.
  • Pub. Date : January 2003
  • Format : Soft Back
  • Pages : 198
  • Price : $20

No relationship, except marriage, is damaged more by external control than parent/teen relationships. This is so sad because, of all the human beings on earth, adolescents who are treated without external control are the most loving.

This book is about the implications of Choice Theory psychology for parents and teens. As teens begin the normal process of asserting independence, parents may resist. This book explains methods for enhancing the relationship between the parent and the teen, and why this relationship is the most important factor in the teen’s successful transition to adulthood.


“If you are having trouble with your teen, this is the result of a process that’s been occurring between you for a long time. To try to better describe this process, I typed the word disconnect into my computer’s thesaurus. What popped up were words I’m sure you recognize as you struggle to deal with your teenager; disengaged, separated, uncoupled, disassociated, and withdrawn. Hasn’t every confrontation and disagreement you’ve been having with your teenager accelerated this process? Is it unreasonable to ask yourself, wouldn’t it be better off to do whatever I can to reverse this process? Because, you know as well as I, unless you do something far different from what you’re doing now, this disconnection is going to get worse. In the next chapter, I’ll begin to show you some specific strategies for reconnecting with your teen. But first we need to understand how external control is driving both you and your teen’s behavior..— William Glasser.

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