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Carleen Glasser’s Collection of Handouts

Carleen Glasser’s Collection of Handouts

  • Author : Carleen Glasser, M.A.
  • Pub. Date : January 2003
  • Format : Soft Back
  • Pages : 29
  • Price : $25

These handouts can be easily reproduced to teach students of all ages some of the most basic components of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Each lesson is a fun and easy way to implement need satisfying behaviors in various situations by using such tools as the solving circle, learning to replace external control with Choice Theory, creating your needs strength profile, exploring the Quality World, self-evaluation, total behavior, relationship building exercises and learning how to more effectively deal with challenging situations.


“The best way to visualize total behavior is to think of all we do was if it were a car. To move, a car has to use all four of its wheels, and the back wheels always follow the front wheels. But the only wheels over which we have voluntary control are the front wheels, acting and thinking. We steer or control all of our behaviors by what we choose to do with the front wheels. We have no direct control over the back wheels. Therefore, we choose all our actions and our thoughts but we cannot choose our feelings and physiology; they follow our actions and our thoughts.”– Carleen Glasser, M.A.

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