Role-Play Handbook: Understanding and Teaching the New Reality Therapy- Counseling with Choice Theory Through Role-Play (2005)
by Brandi Roth, Ph.D and Carleen Glasser, M.A.

Pub. Date: January 2005
Format: Soft Back
Pages: 145
Price: $20.00

"Clients avoid difficult conversations. It is challenging to sort through thoughts about difficult topics, feelings, or actions. It is easier for the client to avoid them or to ignore them.

Avoiding topics can lead to misunderstandings, unnecessary worries or behaviors that result in unhappy relationships. Role-play practice provides a safe vehicle to rehearse approaches to resolution and to practice facing dilemmas.

Practicing thinking and feeling can lead clients toward an action plan."
– Brandi Roth, Ph.D. and Carleen Glasser, M.A.