Getting Together and Staying Together (2000)
by William Glasser, M.D.


Pub. Date: January 2000
Format: Soft Back
Pages: 149
Price: $20.00

"The power of choice theory is that it helps us get along with other people, especially with the people close to us. In our experience, it is the only way to maintain a long-term, happy marriage. What we do when we practice choice theory when we have even an inkling of a problem is to think before we deal with each other.

The first thing we think about is avoiding using the seven deadly habits, because they will separate us further and increase the problem.
Next we make sure that we use one or more of the seven caring habits as we attempt to deal with our differences. As simple as it seems, it is almost impossible to do unless you recognize how much harm you are doing to you marriage with the deadly habits."

- William Glasser, M.D.