Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage (2007)
by William Glasser, M.D.

Pub. Date: January 2007
Format: Soft Back
Pages: 102
Price: $20.00

"If you read each lesson together willingly, talk it over, and try to put the information in the lessons to work in your marriage, you should be able to enhance your marital happiness.

The eight lessons become a marriage enrichment experience. As you go through the book, each of you will learn how to behave differently with each other than you are behaving now, and this way will be different from how almost all married couples have behaved with each other for thousands of years.

From our experience, while the lessons will be new to you, they are neither difficult to understand nor complicated to put into practice."

- William Glasser, M.D. and Carleen Glasser, M.A.